Ever wondered why you don’t enjoy yourself while jogging or running? It might just be the type of shoes you wear. The Asics women gel-nimbus 15 running shoe is a shoe like no other, designed to meet the needs of the women that go out to get some exercise for fun or professionally.

The Asics womens gel-nimbus 15 running shoe is a product of the Asics Company which strives to manufacture performance driven shoes.

These shoes are neutral trainers made of 100% polyester. The shoes have a rubber sole and a comfort dry sock line. They are light in weight and have an upper biomorphic fit. This type of shoes has a gel cushioning in the midsole which will be so supportive of your feet and you will not have any cases of sore or blistered feet as they help your feet to absorb shock. It also has a PHF heel which helps the heel to grip firmly to the shoe thus no cases of your heel slipping as you run ,jog or walk .

This shoe is great for long distance running, and each size fits perfectly and very comfortable even for those people suffering from feet neuropathy or painful feet.

These great qualities of the Asics womens gel-nimbus 15 running shoes help prevent pain in the heels, shin splints, tendinitis, fractures from too much stress on your feet, and general syndromes from overuse.

The type of lacing is great. They are not too tight. Your toes will freely wiggle as soon as you wear them.

These shoes have great color combination making the shoes to be really attractive.

However the shoes sometimes have a tendency of being smaller in size even when you order your size. Therefore it is recommended that you get them from the stores or compare sizes to know what really fits because it is definitely there .

Guidelines when buying your Asics womens gel-nimbus 15 running shoes

  • Know your feet size by having your feet measured so you are sure of your size
  • If your feet are not the same size, use the size of the foot that is big
  • Have good and quality accessories to wear with your shoes e.g. good socks

The Asics womens gel-nimbus 15 running shoes are thus a great choice for the woman who wants comfort and safety while exercising. Go for it, go for fitness.You want to be healthy and fit at the end of your exercise session and not sick.