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How I Converted HTML Table Layout into CSS Tableless Design

Just to retain my clients and ensure I remain relevant to the ever-changing web industry, I always perform web upgrade and maintenance to most of my clients. I started web development way before the emergence of tableless design. The demands of my clients too were changing every time. They had to keep with the high level of competition in the market. Continue reading

The Challenges I Encountered While Using Tableless Design: Disadvantages

I remember following the launch of the tableless design online a chilly morning right from my bed; thankfully I had just bought a new laptop the previous week.  Following keenly on the benefits tableless design was going to bring into the market, I saw an excellent opportunity to make a kill from my clients. I couldn’t wait to learn more about this new feature in web development industry. However, I had to spend a few hours learning how to use it. This new feature didn’t have the use of codes, so learning it was not going to be a major problem for me. Continue reading

Why I Love Tableless Design: Advantages

Immediately after my college I got a job in one of the most reputable web design companies around and was assigned a project to help come up with an interactive site for one of the company’s clients.  For me, this was going to be the turning point in my career. I had to put all the knowledge I had gained in web development here. Just to show off my real web design talent. Continue reading

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