I am a 30 year old web designer. I am a freelance writer, and an aspiring expert in tableless design. In fact, I was among the first web designers in 2010 to understand the benefits of tableless web design with CSS vs.  table design.

I am also a fitness fanatic. I run 3 miles a day, and lift weights 3 times a week. I know, this sounds like a man’s territory, but women run and lift weights too!

This blog is mainly about running shoes. I was born and brought up in WAUKESHA, WI, but later moved to the “Shoe Capital of America”, Boston, Massachusetts owing to my never-ending fascination with athletic shoes and apparels.

All my hobbies revolve around athletic shoes and apparel, ranging from reading, writing, movies, internet browsing, social events and interactions and indeed more besides. To this end, I have subscribed to and indeed do receive a regular supply of magazines that talk about athletic accessories; do spend a considerable chunk of my time visiting shoe-related websites; do watch documentaries and movies that are centered around athletic shoes and apparels and also do spend a lot of my time attending fairs and other events showcasing athletic shoes and apparels from all the major shoe manufacturers world over – just to mention but a few! I would dare say that my fascination with athletic clothes and footwear is inborn since it is something that started out pretty early in my childhood days when I was merely a first grader.

I stated this blog over three months ago with the aim of sharing my experiences and knowledge with my fellow shoe-enthusiasts and just about anyone else who would equally be interested in this topic. In this blog, you will learn all about athletic shoes and apparel; the various types, purposes, makers, pros and cons. You will also get informed of all the shoe-related information such as how to keep your athletic accessories clean, how to make them last longer, how to prevent them from stinking, how to dispose of used athletic clothing alongside other relevant pieces of information.

You will also get product reviews. That means, you will be able to compare the features of various new products in the industry, their prices, pros and cons, and you will acquire a clear picture. You will know what to expect before you even visit a merchant’s site, and you will decide on the best and most convenient product of your liking.

Lastly, you will get informed of FinishLine.com, a leading retailer of athletic shoes and apparel. Did you know that you have the option to order online?

I am confident you have really enjoyed my blog. If you would wish to get more than just the information you have already received, feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form that is hanging on the top left of this page (click on it and it will unfold) or just shoot me an email at EricaTow@outlook.com. Alternatively, if you have any objections or suggestions which you feel could be of help to me or to other shoe-enthusiasts, also let me know. I would also appreciate your feedback.

Erica Townly