Generally, men love sports. There is not a single game in the world in which we men are not represented. Even when we are not competing in sports, we still want to maintain the same sport spirit at home. We want to do some running, racing, and jogging just to keep ourselves fit. If you have been doing some exercises at home, you will realize that most exercises need good shoes. And so we have to get the right outfit for ourselves in order to make most out of the workouts.

As one accustomed to doing exercises, I have tried many shoes. But never found that which would accommodate my vigorous training. However, l luckily found the perfect choice for me. I received it as a gift from my wife’s friend. She brought me Men’s Nike Roshe Run Casual Shoes. Having used these shoes for some time now, I can comfortably recommend it to all men.

First, it has an attractive appearance that allows you to not only use it for sports but also for weekend adventures with your family. The shoe has a robust EVA foam outer sole with high traction that prevents you from slipping. You will love its mesh upper that allows free air circulation in the shoes. This feature allows your feet to breathe and stay fresh all the time.

The shoe is averagely light (almost 2 pounds). This means you will freely move with it without feeling any weight. The shoe is highly adjustable since it has well sized laces. Besides, its laces are made of high quality material and hence they rarely wear out. I realized that these shoes are very easy to clean. Furthermore, if you choose you an appropriate size for yourself, they perfectly fit your feet.

These shoes have been built with materials that make your feet feel comfortable. Even in strenuous exercises, you do not feel any irritation. The inner part is made of many well layered soft materials that are effective in shielding your feet from unnecessary damage. These materials also make them highly durable. I have used them for eight months now but they are not worn out.

Many men that bought these shoes in my neighborhood praised them on the following: they have a variety of colors, stylish, breathable, durable, comfortable, affordable, and have no side effect. Also, they loved the fact that it comes in different sizes. Some even bought them for their young ones. Amazingly, some of them bought them for their daughters.

Surely, this is a highly versatile shoe. Try and see the difference. It costs less than $80.

This article is contributed by my friend Rahul.

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