Fresh Foam Zante is a New Balance’s masterpiece that is thoughtfully engineered to come out as lighter and speedier in the Fresh Foam line. It is the third model in the Fresh Foam collection. The shoes’ beauty is undeniably great, and comes with different colors so you can choose what suits you. Here are some of the features we’ve reviewed:

  • Speedy
  • Comfortable
  • Upper and Fit

The Good


Zante is sleek and delivers speed that it is best designed for. It possesses a bootie-like design that wraps your foot like it’s a second skin. It is designed using data collected from by the company from fast runners and that is why it’s fixed with an aggressive toe spring that amazingly that make it boost speed.


Zante has a very comfortable snug. The heel to toe transition is very in incredibly smooth. When wearing it, you feel like everything in it was meant to be and if fits comfortably making it feel like an extension to your foot. It has a low-volume interior that is perfectly complimented by a foot-wrapping bootie that gives an incredible foot to ground proprioception.

Upper and fit

Zante has a got an upper and fit that is much better and improved than the 980. The stretchy mesh at the front half of its upper makes it feel tenderly soft and stretchy. This gives it a much greater degree of a toe wiggle than the 980, which to me has a toe-squishing toe box. It gives your toe a feeling that there is enough free space as the front while perfectly fitting it at the same time.

The Bad

Everything can feel cool with Zante, but some people might experience fatigue at the toe, especially where the spring starts. The toe can become bruised in that particular spot. But this issue is suspected to be a mere individual allegation. Those with flat toes have also complained of inadequate space to accommodate their feet’s freeness even though they have admitted that the upper fit is perfect all the same.

Fresh Foam Zante is definitely an evidence of how innovativeness can be very appealing. The beauty of this shoes plus the creativity bundled in it makes it a perfect choice for fast running. It is worth trying out and many, if not all, who try it will love it. Even though it might have minor faults that have not been clearly proved to be true, the general engineering is superb.