Immediately after my college I got a job in one of the most reputable web design companies around and was assigned a project to help come up with an interactive site for one of the company’s clients.  For me, this was going to be the turning point in my career. I had to put all the knowledge I had gained in web development here. Just to show off my real web design talent.

Is there anything extraordinary I can integrate into this site? What are some of the best features I can consider having? How will I make it possible for the client to appreciate my work? These are some of the few questions I asked myself. I had to put in all my effort to ensure I pleased in the first project. Use of tables was one of the features I was considering. However, using tables in web development wasn’t going to be the best idea since there are many disadvantages. Had to find something that provides a global look and feel which definitely isn’t use of tables and table level formatting. Yes, I had to use Cascading Style Sheets.

Cascading Style Sheets is meant for SEO

dr CSSDefinitely my client was going to be interested in a website that loads much faster, which gives you an edge in the eyes of the search engines.  I had this funny lecturer in my final year in college who used to call me Dr CSS. Yes, Dr CSS; got this since I didn’t like HTML coding and CSS was one of my reliable tools in web design. CSS eliminates excessive use of HTML coding making it easier for the engine spiders to crawl your website. CSS also enables the sites to load much faster which is advantageous for Search Engine Optimization.

It has to be Flexible

This was defintely one of the areas I had to capitalize on. I had to be very flexible in my development. However using the complex HTML tags, like <rowspan>, <td>, <tr> and <colspan>, was going to limit my flexibility. Imagine sitting down in your chair coming up with numerous lines of codes just to draw a table! This will mean it will be difficult to manage the site after some time or with the frequent changes in web personnel, and this is one of the things my client was not going to like. This is why I love using the Tableless Design. It makes web management much easier and flexible.

Need a faster Loading Site

One of the areas I had to capitalize on was making the site load faster hence save lots of time. Loading time plays a crucial role and makes a huge difference in modern age mobile browsers. Definitely no one will be spending her time visiting a site that takes some time to load. Tableless design always makes websites to have an interactive and modern look.

After some few weeks, it was time to present what I had come up with. All I was able to hear during the presentation was some short, strong claps with nods of acceptance from my employers. I knew I had made a kill.