Stuck there in amongst the hundreds of products on the store is one jacket that, for me anyway, really does stand out from the crowd. You see, I love the outdoors and I know that you are always better off buying quality as early as possible and when it comes to brands, North Face is one that you need to be paying attention to. So, why exactly am I drawn to this particular jacket?

North Face Momentum Red

North Face Momentum Red

Its Key Features

For me, the key feature of this jacket is that it is specifically designed to be worn in cooler temperatures. It uses a breathable fabric to stop your body from overheating, and it is tight without limiting your ability to move. It also has a quick dry finish to it, which means it is able to deal with those light showers without you ending up being drenched and nor will it absorb that water and increase the weight of the jacket at the same time.

Finally, the tall neck of this jacket is extremely useful as it does stop those cold winds from chilling you right to the core, so I did feel that the entire upper half of my body was protected with this jacket.

North Face Momentum Jacket

It’s Price

As you would expect, this jacket is not exactly cheap. In actual fact, it is going to cost you $99, but for that you are getting a quality product that is going to last you some considerable length of time. As of right now it is not on sale as such, but it does qualify for free shipping, so you do at least save yourself some cash.

Why Is It Standing Out For Me?

I live a bit further north, so there are a number of days where it is not quite the full on winter jacket and nor is it warm enough to go without, so this North Face item is perfect for those in-between days. I can also feel the difference in the quality of the materials that they use with this version and it does do exactly as they describe, which is repel light showers and stopping those cold winds from getting through to my body. It might not be all brightly colored and outlandish to look at, but this jacket is not about that because when it comes to keeping warm how it looks does not matter.

It is functional, it is entirely practical, and it does fit snug without being restrictive and that in my book is a winning product.

Buying From

Just to end things, I need to say a word about buying products from the website. In my personal experience they have made things as easy as possible especially when you consider that they have thousands of products to choose from. Take the men’s apparel department for example. It has over 800 products to choose from, but they have ordered it well, so buying is straightforward.

The checkout process is also nice and easy and it will be with you in next to no time as their customer service department makes sure that items are shipped out as quickly as possible. Overall, I would give them 10 out of 10.